We’ve made some useful updates to Tweetcatcher, mainly the ability to retrieve the full text of original tweets (up to 280 chars). If you want to try, please download and replace your existing TCDE.exe with this file. It’s not been fully tested yet, but works fine on our PCs.

New Graphviz download location

December 7th, 2017 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

The Graphviz site has changed, which means the old link for downloading the installer no longer works. You should now get the latest installer from https://graphviz.gitlab.io/_pages/Download/Download_windows.html .  The Downloads page has now been updated to reflect this.

Tweetvis 1.8.7 release

September 28th, 2017 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

A new version of Tweetvis has been released and is available in the Downloads section. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few reported bugs associated with data file loading and pre-processing.

Release of TCD 1.3.1

December 14th, 2015 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

A maintenance release that fixes some bugs identified in the recent version update. This can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Release of TCD 1.3.0

August 20th, 2015 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

A new release of Tweetcatcher (TCD 1.3.0) is now available. This incorporates many bug-fixes, new functions and usability improvements. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback via email and the recent survey. We hope this new release improves the utility of TCD for research as well as the overall user experience. This is a beta release, but will be incorporated into the standard installation package soon. Please provide feedback (team@chorusanalytics.co.uk) if you spot any remaining/new bugs.


TCD 1.3.0 can be downloaded here. After copying to your Chorus folder, make sure to rename the file to TCD.exe to ensure any short-cuts still work.

Release Notes:

  • Bug fixes
    • Presence of inverted commas no longer causes Tweet text to be truncated
    • Unicode character codes (e.g. \ud0d) are now intercepted and either converted into an ascii equivalent or an otherwise informative tag. For instance, non-latin characters are replaced by general tags (e.g. [ar] = Arabic, [el] = Greek)
    • Retweet deletion is much faster now for large datasets
    • Sorting by numerical fields (e.g. followers) now works properly
    • Non-UK datetime formats (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy/mm/dd) are now handled correctly. Previously this caused TCD to inexpicably retrieve zero tweets for some users. Datetime conversion should also work for all formats now.
  • History lists allow easy navigation back to recent user timeline and query search sessions; last query search loaded automatically (data and query)
  • More powerful and usable tools for building, exploring and maintaining user lists
    • Right click existing user or enter screenname to get friends/followers
    • Build user list from displayed Tweet set
    • Add single users to list directly from Tweets or from user input
    • Remove single users from a user list
    • View user profile metadata for any user in list
    • Full metadata table of any user list can be copied to clipboard using the menu for e.g. to allow editing of lists in Excel. Edited lists (screen names only) or full tables can be pasted back to TCD using the menu
  • New features for analysing and manipulating Tweets
    • Navigate directly to embedded URL from Tweet using context menu (right click)
    • Navigate to user Twitter page from Tweet using context menu
    • Delete selected tweet or all tweets by the author of a selected tweet (context menu)
    • Filter Tweets table by keyword or phrase
    • Setting to save column headers with a Tweets file (useful if exporting to Excel etc.)
    • Removed several less useful fields from the Tweets table and replaced with more useful ones:
      • Removed Timezone, Public Lists, Net Sentiment
      • Added UTC offset, Location, Description (from user profile)
  • Other UI improvements
    • Presentation of session log is now more informative and compact
    • Adjustments to column widths on Tweets table are now remembered next time TCD opens
    • Button linking in Search frame to Twitter page providing query syntax help
    • Reinstatement of the Cancel operation button
    • Unsaved data status is now shown by means of an asterisk on the filename in the title bar
    • Usability improvements wrt to the data save process (e.g. will prompt to save unsaved data if running a new query, warn before over-writing existing files etc.)

Tweetvis 1.8.5 release

November 6th, 2014 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

This new release contains some small but useful updates, mainly to do with the Cluster Explorer, including:

  • A new function for node scaling creates a more balanced, legible view.
  • Edges between nodes are now coloured grey to create a less cluttered/dense image without loss of information.
  • The word map now offers finer control over the label filter and also the facility to manually increase/decrease the size of nodes.
  • The menu bar has been reorganised such that Main Timeline functions come first, followed by the Term Timeline.
  • The user now has has a choice of visual encodings by which to represent the term timeline (accessed from the menu: Term Time Line -> Cell Style.
  • Improved semantic clustering of nodes in the interval and tweet cluster views


TCDE 1.2.5 (beta) release

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

After a long silence, we are proud to announce a new update to TCDE (Tweetcatcher). You can download the new executable file from here. This latest release contains numerous bug fixes and new features:

  • Fixed the problem where Search no longer works after previous retrieval terminated at historical limit.
  • Time to next quota reset (shown in status bar) is now shown in local (correct) time.
  • Re-tweets can now be automatically removed via the Actions menu.
  • The user list in User Timelines can now be populated automatically with followers/friends of a specific user (see User List menu). These functions output a more comprehensive user table (including friend/follower/status counts, location, language etc.) to the clipboard which can be processed in Excel to produce filtered lists that can be pasted back into TCD for timeline download.
  • Failed requests, which can occur on high volume sessions and used to cause the download to end prematurely, can now be seamlessly re-sent. This means more data can be collected on trending topics and gaps in the timeline should now be a thing of the past.
  • There is now an option to set Search language (defaults to English – en) in the Settings menu. You need to specify your preferred language using the ISO-639-1 code (e.g. en for English or fr for French).
  • Cancelling a download is no longer handled by the button (which wasted space on the UI), but via the Actions menu.

This is currently a beta release and so may still contain minor bugs, but all the main functionality has been tested successfully. Please let me know if you find a problem.

This may possibly be the last significant version 1 release, although there may be another minor update at some point. We are currently planning a new version of Chorus that will provide better integration between data collection and analytics, many new and powerful features including unsupervised/scheduled data retrieval and demographic profiling, sampling and analysis of users and status content. Please feel free to send us your ideas: team@chorusanalytics.co.uk.