TCDE 1.2.5 (beta) release

October 22nd, 2014 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized

After a long silence, we are proud to announce a new update to TCDE (Tweetcatcher). You can download the new executable file from here. This latest release contains numerous bug fixes and new features:

  • Fixed the problem where Search no longer works after previous retrieval terminated at historical limit.
  • Time to next quota reset (shown in status bar) is now shown in local (correct) time.
  • Re-tweets can now be automatically removed via the Actions menu.
  • The user list in User Timelines can now be populated automatically with followers/friends of a specific user (see User List menu). These functions output a more comprehensive user table (including friend/follower/status counts, location, language etc.) to the clipboard which can be processed in Excel to produce filtered lists that can be pasted back into TCD for timeline download.
  • Failed requests, which can occur on high volume sessions and used to cause the download to end prematurely, can now be seamlessly re-sent. This means more data can be collected on trending topics and gaps in the timeline should now be a thing of the past.
  • There is now an option to set Search language (defaults to English – en) in the Settings menu. You need to specify your preferred language using the ISO-639-1 code (e.g. en for English or fr for French).
  • Cancelling a download is no longer handled by the button (which wasted space on the UI), but via the Actions menu.

This is currently a beta release and so may still contain minor bugs, but all the main functionality has been tested successfully. Please let me know if you find a problem.

This may possibly be the last significant version 1 release, although there may be another minor update at some point. We are currently planning a new version of Chorus that will provide better integration between data collection and analytics, many new and powerful features including unsupervised/scheduled data retrieval and demographic profiling, sampling and analysis of users and status content. Please feel free to send us your ideas:


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