Tweetvis 1.8.5 release

November 6th, 2014 | Posted by ch_admin in Uncategorized

This new release contains some small but useful updates, mainly to do with the Cluster Explorer, including:

  • A new function for node scaling creates a more balanced, legible view.
  • Edges between nodes are now coloured grey to create a less cluttered/dense image without loss of information.
  • The word map now offers finer control over the label filter and also the facility to manually increase/decrease the size of nodes.
  • The menu bar has been reorganised such that Main Timeline functions come first, followed by the Term Timeline.
  • The user now has has a choice of visual encodings by which to represent the term timeline (accessed from the menu: Term Time Line -> Cell Style.
  • Improved semantic clustering of nodes in the interval and tweet cluster views


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